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NZ's Only AgriTech
Brand Consultancy

Make change happen.

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It's better to give
than to receive.

With gumboots on the ground,

I help solve business problems related to brand image and brand performance,

increasing AgriTech adoption for the benefit of all.


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01 - Strategy

Who are you focusing on?
Discover and gather information to clarify your purpose, to understand your users, 
defining their goals and yours.

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02 - Brand

What do they think of you?
Express your personality and values in a way that's relevant and resonates, to nurture lasting relationships.

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03 - Media

How do you engage them?
Connect your customers to needed information,
via user-centric,
 memorable interfaces and media
that engage and communicate clearly.

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Strategy-led by design

Together we'll align your brand with your business.

We'll produce clarity. Clarity fuels focus. Focus fuels growth.

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your story, make it compelling, and stand out from the clutter.

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a brand people believe in,
and captivate your audience.

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them with what they need,
and grow your business.

We may not be a good fit, here's why...

If someone's not for you, then no fancy clothes, witty words or makeup will change that.

Likewise, no
flashy website or verbal ninjitsu is going to make us a good fit.
So let's just be ourselves.

The world's crowded with generalist, me-too service providers that sell anything
to anyone
who hands over money - they're cheap,
promise everything, confuse you with marketing speak,
and obfuscate their process with smoke and mirrors, as if it were complex.

it's an industry problem that I'd like to change.

So if you're looking for a witchdoctor's miracle cure then
keep searching,
because I'm a specialist, authentic, objective brand consultant,
and I'll only work with those whom I can best serve.

I don't have all the answers,
but here's a few...

  • What are your values?
    We all have values we live by, but in business, I prefer a manifesto of promises to hold myself accountable. I will remain unbiased and put your interests before mine, because I want what's best for you. I will listen and understand with empathy before considering to help you, because it would be malpractice not to. I will diagnose your problem before I prescribe a solution, because I'm not in the guessing game. I will be selective with my clients, because not everyone needs what I can offer. I will only agree to help you if I am able, because I don't want you spending money unnecessarily. I will refer you to someone else if needed, because we may not be a good fit. I will address monetary issues early, because our time is important. I will refuse to work at a loss, because I wouldn't expect you to either. I will advocate your customers and champion your business, because that's how we build loyalty. I will not sell to you, because I want us to make informed decisions together. I will not bog you down with marketing-speak, because that obfuscates the process. I will not solve your problems before I am paid, because that wouldn't be fair. I will not write you a proposal, because my words are my proposal. I will embrace your challenges with an open heart, a hunger to learn, and a passion for solving problems... because that's just me!
  • What's your process?
    "Prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance" - it really is that simple. We will begin at the beginning, following a clearly defined process for consistency of outcome, split into phases. It starts with a discovery call where I'll ask about your business, your goals, and what problems you're facing. If we're a good fit, then we'll discuss next steps and schedule a brand strategy session. The session will bring me into your business, put me in your shoes and enable me to add value. We will gather necessary information to clarify our thinking and focus our efforts in the right place, on the right things, to effectively navigate toward your goals. While it's common practice for creative professionals to prescribe solutions without fully and accurately diagnosing the problems, in almost every other profession, that would be considered malpractice. That's why the meeting is essential to our alignment... I'm not in the guessing game! Your doctor wouldn't prescribe you drugs without first meeting you to diagnose your problem, nor would a travel consultant book you onto a flight without first knowing where you want to go. It's a most basic professional practice and I will never agree to begin working on a creative solution to a problem that has not been fully explored. Any subsequent design, creation and delivery of tangibles would follow. If you need it and can afford it, I can make it happen!
  • How about your price?
    My prices are value-based rather than time-based, because as a rule, I don't charge hourly... it's nuts. Value-based pricing adds security and removes the possibility of budget-creep, as we'll both know exactly what will be done for what price, avoiding under/over estimating which wouldn't be fair for either of us. If your budget is proportionate to the problem you're facing, then let's talk. However, if your budget is quite limited, get in touch as I may be able to offer other options, or refer you to someone else. There are plenty of people who will agree to help you for cheap! My minimum level of engagement is $5000, with 50% paid upfront before I begin working on a project. For clients with whom I have an ongoing relationship, or where there are guaranteed future projects, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. If you're only able to engage me on an hourly basis due to policy, I charge $350 per hour. Discovery calls are free! :)
  • Why don't you discount?
    For the same reason I don't overcharge. If your budget seems too high and I don't think you need to spend that much money, then I'll say so. Likewise if your budget seems too low, then I'll let you know and we can discuss other options, or I can refer you to someone else who may be better positioned to help you.
  • Will you just do X?
    My mission is to guide you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Speaking from experience, it's important to truly diagnose a problem before agreeing to prescribe a solution, and I don't want you spending money unnecessarily on something that isn't going to help you! Primarily, my offering is brand strategy, brand-to-business alignment, identifying challenges, pain points or frustrations, and gaps that may hinder you from reaching your goal. Think of this as a compass for your business. Secondarily, it may be appropriate to utilize tangibles such as a website, visual identity, software, social media marketing, ad campaigns, photography/videography, or other media, as tools that will help you move toward your goal. In short, if you just want the tangibles, I'll need to know if that is what you need.
  • What's your story?
    After years doing graphic and web design alongside some tough day jobs and business ventures, I came to New Zealand on a working holiday. Five years later and I'm still here! Eventually I ended up working as a consultant in Auckland CBD for a large multi-national corporation. Since then, myself and my family found our home in a rural Southland community. We have chickens named after the royal family, and a Hereford calf called Dennis. Through my particular experiences I feel uniquely equipped to help make change happen for local innovators.

What's on your mind?

Call 0204 009 3310 or use the below form

Thanks for reaching out, I'll be in touch soon!

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